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Pet Grooming Services for Dogs and Cats in Parkersburg, WV

Quality Care for All Breeds and Sizes

Peke-A-Boo Too Pet Styling Grooms Pets in Style

Peke-A-Boo Too Pet Styling is a family-owned and operated pet grooming business that has served Parkersburg, WV, and the surrounding region since 1997. Our clients’ dogs and cats are a part of their families, and our experienced groomers treat them as such with care and comfort. We make them look clean and beautiful.
Grooming is by appointment only from Tuesday through Saturday. Clients can drop off their dogs or cats and know that we will give them the individual attention they truly deserve in a calm and quiet pet salon.

Pampering Dogs and Cats with Gentle and Thorough Services

We pamper dogs and cats with our gentle, compassionate, and thorough dog grooming and cat grooming services. Our full pet grooming begins with our groomer choosing from a vast array of quality dog and cat shampoos, including our most popular, Pet Fresh. Our dog bathing or cat bathing services make dogs and cats look clean and healthy. Among Peke-A-Boo Styling’s other grooming services are fur and nail trimming, ear care, gland expression, and more. We do accept walk-ins for nail trimming.

Call Peke-A-Boo Too Pet Styling at (304) 428-3690 to make an appointment or ask a question about our services and products.

Our Services and Prices Include:

Basic Dog Grooming: Starts at $45 for full groom. Price also depends on size and breed.
Basic Cat Grooming: Starts at $60 for full groom.
Prices for full groom include glands, ears, and nails.
Nail trimming starts at $7.00.

We Make Sure What Our Clients Want for Their Pets

Peke-A-Boo Too Pet Styling knows that pet owners want their pets to look and feel their best. We communicate with our customers what they want us to do for their precious pets. We will discuss with our clients about proof of vaccines when they make the appointment for pet grooming. Our groomers look forward to giving tender loving care to dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds.